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B6 Parallel Charging Balanced expansion board - XT60



●It can protect the charging batteries when short circuit happens.
●It can support combined use for three parallel charging boards (Itmeans you can charge eighteen batteries which have the same charactersat the same time).
●It has 20Z-thick copper foil, so it can withstand continual currentof 80A.
●It can prevent each cell overcharge, so it can improve the balanceefficiency. And the later period of the balance charging cycle isshorted substantially.
●It consumes only 1/6 of the time when charging six batteriesseparately consumes, so it can save the total charging time.
●It avoids the trouble of replacing batteries repeatedly.

Use steps:

●Connect the both sides of a balance cable respectively to thebalance port of the balance charger and parallel charging board. Suchas the picture.
●Connect the power port of Parallel Charging Board to the output portof balance charger.
●Connect batteries to the board. Plug the balance heads firstly, andthen connect them to the batteries’ outputs. Set the charging voltage(Charging a single battery is the same) and current. The method for setting the current is as follows:
I: Total Current.  
i: The charge current of every battery.
n: The quantity of batteries.


●If the maximum output current of balance charger is smaller than thevalue of “I”, please set your charger current to its maximum. Themax-current of this parallel charging board is 80A. The chargingvoltage must be the same, and the capacity and the discharging ratecan be set arbitrarily. After several single cell balanced, thevoltage will be more balanced and the voltage gap will be smaller.


●If just need charge less than 6 batteries in parallel, please putthe Housing on the T plug or another plug which is being used now. Ifyou do it in this way, it can avoid accident. When the board ischarging the batteries, every T plug has electricity.


●Expansion Board x 1
●cable x 1

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